That’s right; we are giving you a few free tips on what it takes to get your foot in our door.

1. You truly have to be about customer service.
There is no customer service department at Gatski; every position is responsible for building great experiences. We need to know and believe that you are constantly raising the bar higher and giving our clients more than what they expect.

2. Don’t be nervous.
We like to think of the interviewing process a bit like blind dating in that it can be a bit nerve wrecking trying to show this new person what you are all about. Relax and breathe easy.

3. Be yourself.
It’s not about what you think we want to hear. This is your opportunity to shine and show who you are.

4. Be patient.
The selection process may take some time. We want to be sure it’s a good fit for us and for the person selected. No matter the outcome, we keep the lines of communication open.

That’s it. After all, we can’t give all of our secrets away.
Best of luck!

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